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Banking Holiday: Thanksgiving 2017

We’re always thankful for our amazing clients! It’s the holiday season again, and time to remind you of the Thanksgiving holiday banking schedule.

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 23rd

  • UPS, FedEx, and LSO are closed
  • Banks are closed
  • There will be no banking activity
  • Southwestern Payroll is closed

*ACH, Wire Services, Direct Deposits, Deliveries, Check Dates and Processes may need to be changed.*

Day after Thanksgiving: Friday, November 24th

  • UPS has normal service
  • FedEx and LSO have limited service
  • Banks are open
  • Southwestern Payroll is closed

A small staff will be available for emergencies at 918-587-3321. There will be no courier deliveries on this day.

*ACH, Wire Services, Direct Deposits, Deliveries, Check Dates and Processes may need to be changed.*

If your check date falls on Thursday, November 23rd, or Friday, November 24th, you may need to contact us in order to coordinate your payroll processing for timely direct deposits. In addition, please make arrangements to pick up any payrolls before the 23rd and 24th.

No automatic adjustments of check dates will be made; clients who wish to pay on Wednesday, November 22nd, MUST contact us in advance.

In general, all ACH, Wire, and Direct Deposit requests must have at least 2 business days to be processed by Southwestern and your banking institution. Days on which banks are closed are NOT considered business days. Making adjustments now will ensure smoother processing during this busy time of year. Please contact your payroll specialist or our support department with any necessary changes as soon as possible.

As always, if you have any questions, please call our support department at 918-388-3320.

Columbus Day: Banks Closed

Banking Alert

Banks closed Monday, October 9, to observe Columbus Day.
Consequently, no direct deposits will settle or be initiated on this day.

If your check date is Monday, October 9, Tuesday, October 10, or Wednesday, October 11, you may need to contact us in order to coordinate your payroll Continue reading Columbus Day: Banks Closed

National Payroll Week 2017

Friday, September 8

Playing Heads or Tails

We concluded our NPW festivities with a game of Heads or Tails in the machine room and had a wonderful time. Our winner was Lynette Espinales. The prize? A day off with pay! Congratulations, Lynette!

Our Heads or Tails Winners - Lynette, Tonia, and Ariel

Tonia Neel won 2nd place and Ariel Wyant won 3rd place, and they both received a portable cell phone power bank that never runs out of juice.

After that, we had a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and cookies as dessert.

Sandwiches, chips, and cookies for lunch!

All our best to payroll professionals everywhere. Keep up the good work and remember to have some fun!

Thursday, September 7

Anyone who works with payroll knows how stressful the constant deadlines and pressure to complete each item with precision and excellence can really take a toll!

That’s why we decided to celebrate our successes and opportunities with a sweet treat and Money Pong! The best part is that everyone won something.

Time to play Money Pong!

Everybody waiting their turn to play Money Pong


An extra prize awaited the one who hit the special cup. Whoever aimed wisely and well got a chance to choose between money or a lovely desk lamp!

Actually, it was such a lovely desk lamp that quite a few people the lamp over the cash.

Winning a desk lamp at Money Pong!

Winning a desk lamp at Money Pong!


For our sweet treat, we ordered cookie trays from Cookiedoodle, and watched them get eaten up before the games began! (Seriously, they may become a regular event. They were so good.)

Cookie trays from Cookiedoodle

Wednesday, September 6

On Wednesday, we resumed the payroll week celebrations with a Hershey’s Kisses jar “Guess How Many” game. The winning guess was 536. The actual number of chocolate pieces was 562.

Our winner, Markita Gaines, received a $100 gift card and got to keep the jar of chocolates.

Markita Gaines

Congratulations, Markita!

We also had Chimi’s brought in for lunch. Everybody enjoyed fajitas with all the fixings! And what’s a celebration without cake? Of course we had to have that, too!

Chimi's lunch

National Payroll Week cake


Tuesday, September 5

Hello payroll people! This week is National Payroll Week, sponsored by the American Payroll Association. This week we salute all payroll and HR professionals, including our own staff! Together we all make a difference for every employee we serve by making sure they are paid correctly and on time.

We are always aware that at the end of our job duties is someone’s livelihood. Mortgages and car loans have to be paid. Taxes withheld have to be remitted. On a national scale, together we collect, report and deposit $2.2 trillion or 67% of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue!

Keep up the great work and remember, we are here to help!

National Payroll Week decorations

We kicked of our Payroll Week celebrations on Tuesday with breakfast and gift card giveaways.

Our winners are Kim Austin, Linda Gale, and Jim Jarvis!

Kim Austin

Linda Gale

Jim Jarvis


Congratulations to Kim, Linda, and Jim!

Golden Heart Award Finalists Announced!

We are proud to announce that the top ten finalists for the Golden Heart Award have been selected! On September 9, the winners will be announced at the University of Tulsa’s first home football game. Stay tuned!

Here are the ten finalists:

  • Bella Vita Spa and Salon
  • Burnett Windows & Siding
  • Cecil & Sons Discount Tires
  • Hayes Custom Homes
  • Littleton Legal PLLC
  • Outlaw Kustomz
  • Sugar Rush Bakery
  • The Perfect Touch
  • Tulsa Pop Kids, Inc.
  • York Plumbing

Labor Day Closings 2017

Labor Day Monday, September 4, 2017
Labor Day 2015 600


Southwestern Payroll Service’s office will be closed

Monday, September 4th, in observance of Labor Day.

Labor Day is also a banking holiday and the banks will be closed. Continue reading Labor Day Closings 2017

KRMG Interview: Darin Alred

Tune in Saturday 12PM to 1PM to hear Southwestern Payroll president Darin Alred’s interview on KRMG’s show “Down to Business.”

Darin will share business and leadership lessons learned from decades of experience serving over 1,300 organizations in Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

Can’t make the show?
Check back here for the recording!

Have a question for Darin or one of our payroll & workforce management specialists?
Give us a call: 918.587.3321.

Independence Day Closings 2017

Independence Day is July 4th 2017!

Southwestern Payroll Service & Banks will be CLOSED

Southwestern Payroll Service’s office will be closed Tuesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day.

Independence Day is also a banking holiday and the banks will be closed. Consequently, no direct deposits will settle or be initiated on this day. If your check date is Tuesday July 4th, Wednesday July 5th or Thursday July 6th, you may need to contact us in order to coordinate your payroll processing for a timely direct deposit.

If you would normally pick up your payroll or have it delivered by courier on this day, please make arrangements to come in on Monday July 3rd or Friday June 30th, or contact us to have the delivery date changed.

Have questions? Email us or give us a call at 918.388.3320!