2015 Golf Fore Food Feeds the Hungry

GFF 2015 Check

Making It Count

At Southwestern Payroll, we hold virtues like honesty, dependability and consideration close to who we are and how we operate as a business. The Golf Fore Food annual event gives us a local opportunity to live out these principles as in a powerful yet practical way.

This year, on October, 23, 2015, Southwestern Payroll, along with co-presenting sponsors Brock & Associates, Mabrey Bank, Rich & Cartmill, Westside Distribution Center, and PGA South Central presented a check for $10,767.35 to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma on behalf of Golf Fore Food.

How Does This Help the Community?

When the business community comes together for an event like this one, the impact is significant. The money brought in from GFF this year will provide approximately 43,000 meals for those in need of nourishment. So many lives will be touched because our combined businesses decided to make an effort.

It’s been said that it is better to give than to receive. And after a rewarding event like GFF, we believe it. For more on the event, see our previous post on Golf Fore Food.

We’re Always Here to Help

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