Alert: W-2 Deadline Still January 31st

Letter from the Oklahoma Tax Commision

We are alerting you to a reminder letter that was sent by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC). The OTC has accidentally sent out letters about W-2 filing deadlines to 5000 state businesses. See the letter here.

This letter incorrectly implies that employers’ W-2 filings are late. All W-2s are due to the state by January 31 each year. 

We will be filing these W-2s electronically for all of our clients in Oklahoma by that deadline.

The OTC has decided not to send out correction notices, so it falls to us to notify you. If you receive one of these letters, you can call the OTC at (405) 521-3160, if you wish to verify this information. Otherwise, you can safely ignore the letter. 


Darin Alred
President, Southwestern Payroll Inc.