Best Payroll Company for Small Business – What to Look For


No one ever said running a small business was easy, but managing the day-to-day operations is enough work without the added complications of accurately handling payroll.

Still, many companies choose to do just that – and often their efforts are rewarded by mistakes made in moments of exhaustion.

Why Outsource Payroll?

No matter how many employees you have, outsourcing makes sense for a variety of reasons. Small employers under 50 employees probably lack the expertise in-house to handle everything correctly in an efficient way. Remember that a payroll company doesn’t just provide you with a service, but with a knowledge base and team of experts with years of experience.

We are always ready to process payroll. We never get sick or go on vacation so you are not dependent on a single employee that knows how things work.

Companies of all sizes find that outsourcing costs less and allows employees to focus on revenue generating activities.

What Do I Look For?

When you make the decision to find a payroll professional, here are some things to look for. Take notes, make comparisons, and see what Southwestern Payroll has to offer.


What’s the most important quality in the company you use to manage your payroll? Understanding. The payroll team you choose should take the time to get to know you and your company’s unique functions and practices.

They should take the time to understand you, your employees, your business, and how you operate. Without it, you’re just another client. With it, they’re part of your team.

At Southwestern Payroll, we make payroll easier for you and your staff – right from the start – by investing the time to understand how you run your business. We customize our strategy and tools to fit your needs.

Not only do we keep up with the large national payroll companies, we offer you personal service, an available staff, and the time it takes to keep your company’s payroll up-to-date, efficient, and meeting the needs of your employees. These benefits are usually missing with a company where you’re just another client number.


Look for a company that has the experience and knowledge to handle your payroll tax and compliance concerns. Payroll needs vary from business to business, and a good company will already have a plan for any situation that might occur within your office.

Whether you’re taking on new employees, starting to garnish wages, or need help with complex compliance regulations, they should be prepared to handle it with efficiency and accuracy.

Customer Service

Most payroll companies offer a direct line to customer service. But can you really get someone on the line in an emergency? Employees change bank accounts, W-2s get lost and people panic when the money’s not where they expect it to be. Having a live person ready to solve problems immediately can make all the difference in an emergency. We’re here to help you. And that means giving you access to us – whenever you need us.

Cost Efficiency

The service you receive should be cost-effective for your bottom line. If you spend more time calling the payroll company to make adjustments and corrections than you would doing payroll yourself, the cost has outweighed the benefits.

Our accuracy, efficiency, and concern for your business equate to money in your pocket and time on your hands.

Services Provided

Do they provide certain important features like payroll setup for new employees, payroll reports, and PTO accrual? How about payroll tax payment, garnishment service, and paycards?

Whatever your needs, today or next year, the payroll company you choose should be prepared to offer you service, standards, and speed to complete the transactions you need to succeed in business.


Not only are ethics crucial to the reliability of a payroll company, they are vital to your health as a company. The handling of your money, and your employees’ paychecks, must be kept in the most trusted hands. So take a moment to really examine your dealings with the people you trust with the life blood of your business. Do you see evidence of character and good business practices in your communications with them?

At SWPay, all your funds can be reconciled and accounted for at any time. In addition to high standards of electronic information protection, we take special care of your information by controlling paper documents in our building.

Looking for a payroll company who cares about you?

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