New Version of Form I-9: A Quick Rundown of Changes

Please take a moment to be sure your new hire paperwork is up-to-date. Beginning January 21, 2017, employers will be required to use the revised Form I-9. The correct version should read, “Expires 08/31/2019”.

The new form has been designed to help employers reduce technical errors, that could result in fines. It allows employers to fill out the form electronically, although you can still fill in a hard copy if needed.

Please note that the new smart Form I-9 is not an electronic I-9. Employers filling out the new Form I-9 using Adobe Reader will still need to print the form, obtain handwritten signatures, store in a secured area, monitor reverifications and updates with a calendaring system, and retype information into E-Verify as required.

Users of our Workforce Management System, HRmony, that use our paperless I-9 solution will have access to the new form in HRmony prior to the deadline.

I9 Form Downloads

Print-Ready I-9 Form
Download Printable I-9 Form

Fillable I-9 Form (Internet Explorer only)
You can download the fillable form from the USCIS website below. This link only works in Internet Explorer.
Download Fillable I-9 Form