Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we process our payroll “paperless”?
A: Southwestern Payroll offers paperless payrolls with the employees having their net pay deposited into their bank account and reports can be sent via secure email.

Q: Who reports our new hires?
A: Southwestern Payroll handles the new hire reporting to the agencies for you so your time is available for other things.

Q: Why don’t I see my direct deposit on payday in my bank account?
A: If you do not see your direct deposit on payday, you need to contact your bank and see when they “post” direct deposits. Southwestern Payroll does not control how banks manage this part of their business. If you do not see it in the morning, normally it will show up later in the afternoon.

Q: Do you have standard paperwork that you give employers to assist in gathering information for new hires for payroll?
A: Click on the link below to get the forms needed. In the Download section, click on the link called Payroll Forms. You will find all the forms you need to set up a new hire or make changes. You may want to explore some of the other information in the Resources section and find some other information helpful to you.

Q: My Timeforce is not working correctly.
(Calendars for date selection are blank, can’t select specific departments on department select option, employees are not listed in the employee select option, reports don’t display properly, etc.)
A: This is usually a Windows compatibility issue. On Internet Explorer, in the upper right hand corner of the browser underneath the Minimize, Maximize, and Close(X) buttons, there should be a small icons shaped like a house, a star and a gear. Click on the gear, then choose “Compatibility View Settings” It will pop up with a window that has “” listed, and a button that says “Add”. Click the add button, and it will add to the list of “Compatibility View” websites. Click close, log out, and log back in to Timeforce. This should resolve the issue. If it does not, please call our Support Department for assistance.**

**On older versions of Internet Explorer, there is not a gear option in the upper right. Instead, in the website address bar on the upper right corner, there is a lock icon, what appears to be a piece of paper torn in half widthwise, and a circle-arrow icon. The piece of paper is the compatibility view, and should be blue, not grey. If it is grey, click it so that it turns blue, then log out and back in to Timeforce. This should resolve the issue.

Q: Why should I use a payroll service?
A: You gain the expertise of our extensive payroll knowledge at a fraction of the price that it would take learn, much less manage on your own. We can manage all aspects of your payroll processing, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most: your business.

Q: What type of clients do you handle?
A: Our flexible payroll solutions allow us to serve any size business, from one employee to thousands. Our client base is a microcosm of American business from all sectors, including retail, manufacturing, health care, restaurants, professional, non-profit, banking, construction, and many others. We take the time to listen and customize our services to your needs.

Q: What is required of me?
A: Since Southwestern Payroll deals with so many businesses, we understand payroll and payroll tax issues are not your primary concern. We provide all the required processing and reporting quickly and simply. If you need anything at all from us, just call or click here to contact us.

Q: What fees are charged?
A: We know price is a critical factor for many companies. Like any service, the cost varies based on the size and complexity of your company’s payroll. Generally, our services are more affordable than hiring internal payroll staff. Our fees are competitive and designed to build long-lasting relationships.

Q: What else does the fee include?
A: Payroll processing and payroll tax returns are just the beginning of the services we provide. We’re always available to answer any payroll-related questions that you have, at no extra charge. A quick phone call can often prevent a great deal of worry and frustration.

Q: Where can I find Tax Forms?
A: The Tax Forms are located on the Resource Library page here.

Please call to discuss your company’s payroll needs.
We can help you make the best decision for your business.