Garnishment Processing Service: The Right Way

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shutterstock_141127666Commercial garnishments, child support orders, tax levies, student loan payments and other wage attachments have become an increasingly difficult burden for employers to bear.

Incorrectly processing an order or failing to respond in a timely manner can expose the employer to significant financial risk and potentially damage relationships with employees.

Our Service Saves Time & Money

Southwestern Payroll Service has developed a garnishment administration service that alleviates all the hassle of managing this time consuming and complicated process.

And, we warranty that we will process them correctly, protecting our clients from unexpected costs.

When an order or other relevant information is received, our enrolled clients simply send us the document in a way that is convenient for them. We return a receipt so that the client knows we have received it and are taking responsibility.

Our clients are then provided with the form to notify their employee that the garnishment has been received.

After verifying the validity of the order, we contact the appropriate authority, file any appropriate responses, correctly calculate and withhold the deduction from the employee’s pay, remit the payment to the third party (state, attorney etc.) and file any subsequent paperwork.

In addition, we respond to termination orders and handle any employee terminations.

Most of our clients elect to pass most of the cost of this administration on to the employees through an additional payroll deduction. We set our fees to the proper statutory guidelines for each type; fees that employers are allowed to charge their employees for processing these orders.

Legal concerns

Increasingly, judges are routinely finding in favor of plaintiffs when a commercial garnishment order is not properly handled. This means that the employer can be found liable for the entire amount of the money owed by the employee even if the employee did not make enough to pay the garnishment.

Many families depend on the proper collection and distribution of child support funds to feed and clothe their children. Employees depend on their employer to keep them in compliance with these orders.

Let SWPay handle it.

Subscribing to our service ensures that your company will stay in compliance, avoid financial assessments and keep this important process running smoothly.

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