Southwestern Payroll: Trusted Payroll & HR Services for Over 60 Years

Founded in 1955, Southwestern Payroll Service, Inc. has emerged as one of the most trusted names in payroll & HR services throughout the Tulsa area and beyond, serving 1,300+ organizations in Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

Our mission is to provide accurate payroll processing services, enabling our clients to focus on their core business.

We do this by building relationships with clients, vendors, and employees that are centered on honesty, integrity, and mutual reward. This allows us to anticipate needs, exceed expectations, and ensure continued success.

Flexibility is the rule for meeting the needs of our clients.

With our team of experienced and specialized experts, we have the strength and ability to meet client expectations with integrity and accuracy.

As a team, we aim to be directly involved in all our clients’ payroll processing needs, with the assistance of specialized team members. Because of this close relationship, we intimately understand our clients’ payroll environment and can offer the best customer service possible.

In addition to payroll processing, we also provide vital services such as time and labor management, payroll tax processing, garnishment processing, a comprehensive human resource information system, and pay-as-you-go worker’s comp. A key factor in our success is the consistent innovation in our payroll processing software.

For over 60 years, Southwestern Payroll has remained locally owned and operated. This has greatly benefited our customers in terms of location and convenience, as well as hometown spirit.

No matter what your payroll & HR needs are, Southwestern Payroll can meet them. Give us a call today.

Southwestern Payroll Principles

Recruiting & Staffing Services

Delivering the talent you need to help your business succeed.

Make sure you get the right person for the right job with our recruiting & staffing services. Whether you need simple screening services or a full-service package, we can help.

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