Effective Immediately: Payentry Login Changes

Changes to Payentry’s Two Factor Authentication Process

Almost daily there is a story or report of a major corporation dealing with an internet security issue – malware, phishing scams, unwanted access, etc. Our software developer continuously monitors these external threats and in turn evaluates our security tools to ensure we are protecting the Payentry platform and the data within the platform from unauthorized access.

To better protect the Payentry platform and your data we will be making a change to the Payentry login process.

Today (5/12/16) at 1:00 PM the Payentry log in process will be changed to require a 2nd factor authentication at all times. What this means is every time a user logs into or is timed out of the Payentry system they will be required to process a 2nd factor (obtain a new code) to authenticate access.

We realize this is a change from how Payentry is accessed today, however this is a needed and necessary change to protect the data and the individuals that access the platform.

As always, call our support department at 918-388-3320 or email us.