IRS Delays New W4 Form

No New W4 Form for 2018

Recent announcements from the IRS have indicated that instead of releasing a new W4 form in February, there will be no new W4 form this year.

Although the tax reform bill suspends the personal exemption that most people claim through 2025, the IRS, within their scope of authority, have elected not to enforce that suspension and will allow it for 2018.

This means that the 2017 W4 form can still be used through 2018.

It also means that almost everyone will need to turn in a new W4 for 2019. This could be a significant undertaking for many larger employers. We will send you a reminder near the end of 2018 so that you can form a plan to solicit and process new W4s for all employees, and we will notify you as soon as the 2019 form is available.

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