Masks Required at Southwestern Payroll Per Latest CDC Guidelines

Recent developments regarding COVID-19 transmission and the Delta variant have caused us to reconsider what COVID precautions are necessary at this time.

The CDC is recommending that even vaccinated people wear masks when indoors with other people.  Therefore, I have made the decision that we will return to wearing masks in our office and that all visitors will be required to wear a mask to enter the building.  If you are picking up payroll and do not have a mask, we will happily bring your package to the door.  Some reasons for this decision are outlined below:

  • The Delta variant is spreading rapidly, largely due to it producing a higher viral load in patients.  Viral load is a measure of how much virus is present in various parts of the body and accounts for much of the ability of the virus to spread.
  • This increased viral load means that even vaccinated people who are exposed to the virus can potentially spread the disease even if they have no symptoms.
  • Additionally, even some vaccinated people are getting sick from this variant.  While they certainly do help protect from serious illness, vaccines do not provide 100% protection.
  • According to the CDC data, Tulsa County and almost all of Oklahoma are in the highest levels of current virus transmission.  Infection rates are the highest they have been since February of this year and on the rise.  Less than 44% of Tulsa County residents are fully vaccinated.

We all look forward to the end of the pandemic and these needed precautions. But with people being infected and dying at increasing rates again, we feel these steps are necessary to protect our staff and visitors.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Darin Alred
Southwestern Payroll Service