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Pay History Screen

The Pay History screen in Payentry ESS displays pay information for the specified employee. This information is organized by check date, and includes all pay periods the employee worked at the company. You can access this screen from the Payentry ESS Home Screen or from any other screen using the sidebar. To access the Pay History screen:

1) From the Main Menu, select Pay History.
2) From any other screen in Payentry ESS, use the sidebar. The sidebar expands when you hover over it, allowing you to select the specific pay period to view pay information for.


At the top of the Pay History screen is a scrolling list of all pay periods the employee has worked for the company.

Field Description
Check Date Date in which the paycheck was issued to the employee.
Period End Date in which the pay period closed for the specified check.
Net Amount Total amount of money netted for the particular pay period.
View Check Button that displays a printable PDF version of the specified paycheck.

Clicking one of the check dates in the table at the top of the screen displays several fields with information for the employee below. The fields that display vary depending on what information is relevant to the employee.

Field Description
Earnings Displays the amount of money the employee earned for each pay type in the pay period. For example, the employee could have 40 hours of regular pay and 8 hours of overtime pay.
Employee Taxes Displays any taxes and the amount of money withheld from the employee’s net pay.
Deductions Displays any funds deducted from the employee’s net pay.
Employer Taxes Displays any employer taxes and the amount of money deducted from the employee’s net pay.
Benefits Lists any benefits and the amount of money for each earned by the employee.
Direct Deposits Lists the bank names and last four digits of any account numbers associated with the employee’s direct deposits.