National Payroll Week 2016


Hello Payroll People!

This week is National Payroll Week – sponsored by the American Payroll Association – and we salute all payroll professionals, including our own staff! Together we all make a difference for every employee we serve by making sure they are paid correctly and on time.

We are always aware that at the end of our job duties is someone’s livelihood. Mortgages and car loans have to be paid. Taxes withheld have to be remitted. Together we collect, report and deposit $2.2 Trillion or 67% of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue!

Keep up the great work and remember, we are here to help!

Best Regards,

Darin Alred
Southwestern Payroll Service, Inc.

2016 Payroll Week - Gift Card Winners

We kicked off our Payroll Week celebrations on Tuesday with bagels, fresh fruit and $50 gift card give-aways! Our winners are Mandi, Jim and Katie! Congratulations!


The good folks at Rub BBQ brought their food truck to Southwestern Payroll and served a delicious variety of sandwiches, tacos, and meats.


In a game of Heads or Tails, employees played for a day off with pay – congrats to our winner Melessa!