National Payroll Week 2017

Friday, September 8

Playing Heads or Tails

We concluded our NPW festivities with a game of Heads or Tails in the machine room and had a wonderful time. Our winner was Lynette Espinales. The prize? A day off with pay! Congratulations, Lynette!

Our Heads or Tails Winners - Lynette, Tonia, and Ariel

Tonia Neel won 2nd place and Ariel Wyant won 3rd place, and they both received a portable cell phone power bank that never runs out of juice.

After that, we had a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and cookies as dessert.

Sandwiches, chips, and cookies for lunch!

All our best to payroll professionals everywhere. Keep up the good work and remember to have some fun!

Thursday, September 7

Anyone who works with payroll knows how stressful the constant deadlines and pressure to complete each item with precision and excellence can really take a toll!

That’s why we decided to celebrate our successes and opportunities with a sweet treat and Money Pong! The best part is that everyone won something.

Time to play Money Pong!

Everybody waiting their turn to play Money Pong


An extra prize awaited the one who hit the special cup. Whoever aimed wisely and well got a chance to choose between money or a lovely desk lamp!

Actually, it was such a lovely desk lamp that quite a few people the lamp over the cash.

Winning a desk lamp at Money Pong!

Winning a desk lamp at Money Pong!


For our sweet treat, we ordered cookie trays from Cookiedoodle, and watched them get eaten up before the games began! (Seriously, they may become a regular event. They were so good.)

Cookie trays from Cookiedoodle

Wednesday, September 6

On Wednesday, we resumed the payroll week celebrations with a Hershey’s Kisses jar “Guess How Many” game. The winning guess was 536. The actual number of chocolate pieces was 562.

Our winner, Markita Gaines, received a $100 gift card and got to keep the jar of chocolates.

Markita Gaines

Congratulations, Markita!

We also had Chimi’s brought in for lunch. Everybody enjoyed fajitas with all the fixings! And what’s a celebration without cake? Of course we had to have that, too!

Chimi's lunch

National Payroll Week cake


Tuesday, September 5

Hello payroll people! This week is National Payroll Week, sponsored by the American Payroll Association. This week we salute all payroll and HR professionals, including our own staff! Together we all make a difference for every employee we serve by making sure they are paid correctly and on time.

We are always aware that at the end of our job duties is someone’s livelihood. Mortgages and car loans have to be paid. Taxes withheld have to be remitted. On a national scale, together we collect, report and deposit $2.2 trillion or 67% of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue!

Keep up the great work and remember, we are here to help!

National Payroll Week decorations

We kicked of our Payroll Week celebrations on Tuesday with breakfast and gift card giveaways.

Our winners are Kim Austin, Linda Gale, and Jim Jarvis!

Kim Austin

Linda Gale

Jim Jarvis


Congratulations to Kim, Linda, and Jim!