National Payroll Week 2018

National Payroll Week is always a blast, and 2018 was no different! Check out some of the awesome things we did to celebrate.

Monday, September 3rd

We kicked off the week with the traditional game of “Heads or Tails.” Everyone had a ton of fun.

Heads or Tails

The last person standing was Mandi Nichols, and she won a paid day off! Congrats, Mandi.

Mandi Nichols

And of course, who can’t start out the week without this amazing breakfast?


Tuesday, September 4th

We continued on to “Twisted Tuesday” with our office staff wearing crazy socks, hats and hairdos.

Twisted Tuesday Outfits

Twisted Tuesday Hats

Wednesday, September 5th

“Winning Wednesday” was super fun, and ended with a bunch of winners! Jim Lynch was the winner du joir, who guessed how many GRAMS of trail mix were in the jar. Unbelievable.

Jim Lynch

Thursday, September 6th

“Twinning Thursday” showed the Southwestern Payroll members dressing up in the same outfits. The team looked great.

Polka Dot Shirts

Blue Shirts

White Shirts

Gray Shirts

Friday, September 7th

Friday was our last day to celebrate National Payroll Week, and we did so with a pizza party, which everybody loved! We ordered a variety of pizzas plus salads and dessert. Everyone had a great time!

Cake for Dessert

Instead of a game, we had a photo booth to take pictures in. We decorated an empty frame and had everyone pose for a picture. Feel free to pick the ones you like the best to share in social media and the blog post!

Photo Booth Gallery