Real Security for Data and Paperless Payroll

It seems that almost every day we hear about someone who has been the victim of identity theft or has had their confidential information exposed. Often this is a result of transmitting sensitive data through unsecured email.


As a payroll provider, we take our responsibility to keep your information safe very seriously. That’s why we continually look for new and better ways to protect our clients and their employees.

Security experts will tell you that even the best systems are only as secure as the users keep them. Any system that is not simple for both sender and recipient is less likely to be used correctly or used at all. This is especially true for email.

Additionally, the most secure email can still be printed and left lying around. Paper is often the weakest link in the information chain of most businesses. That means easy electronic access to secure data can help avoid unnecessary printing and enhance security.

At Southwestern Payroll, we’ve integrated a sophisticated and powerful email security solution for delivering sensitive payroll reports to clients and employees without printing.

All information electronically transmitted in or out using this system is fully covered by the highest level of security protection available on the market. Data is kept fully secured and confidential.

The system, provided by Shugo, is certified as McAfee Secure, and is used by more than 75,000 businesses around the country to comply with the increasing number of state regulations intended to ensure all payroll, business records and other sensitive data are carefully protected.

The system can be used in a variety of ways to simplify the delivery of sensitive information. First and foremost, we use Shugo’s File Guardian to deliver payroll files and reports to clients and earnings statements directly to employees automatically.

Secure Paperless Payroll

Recipients are sent an email indicating that new files have been delivered to their Shugo account. They can access these documents by simply clicking the link and entering their access code.

For more information on paperless check delivery Click Here.

We also use Shugo to send clients secure emails directly through Microsoft Outlook. Shugo integrates seamlessly and allows you to encrypt emails or attachments just by clicking the Shugo icon.

And, clients can send us a secure email as well by going to our website, clicking on “Client Login” and then selecting “Secure File Mailing”. This opens our Shugo portal where you can choose “Secure Send”.

Secure Email Example
Secure Email Example

All files and documents sent by any of these methods are stored online in your own account for easy retrieval at your convenience for up to 12 months. We provide these personal accounts to you and your employees at no cost. Managing them is easy and fully automated.

To learn more about “going paperless” or how you can use Shugo for your own company, contact Southwestern Payroll at 918-388-3320 or contact us here.