Payroll Compliance and Support
When it comes to running your business, there are endless details to handle. Payroll is too important to fall through the cracks. We can provide everything needed to manage it successfully.

Worksheets, reports, software: whatever you need to ensure that your payroll is accurate, timely, and fully compliant with government regulations. Plus, you’ll have access to the knowledge of our highly qualified support team. Got questions? Need some help? We’re just a phone call away.

Check Printing and Stuffing
At Southwestern Payroll, we do more than just print and stuff your checks into envelopes. Our unique control system helps us track each payroll from start to finish.

With this system, we ensure that your payroll is complete and processed exactly to your specifications. It enables us to give your payroll the careful attention that guarantees accuracy every single time.

Direct Deposit
Save your employees a trip to the bank. With our direct deposit, they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing their paycheck will go right into their account, right on time.

Do some employees prefer getting paper checks? No problem. We can manage both direct deposit and live checks in the same payroll.

Vacation and Sick Time Accruals (PTO)
Keeping track of vacation, sick time, and PTO is a demanding task for any company. It requires an attention to detail that not many companies can spare.

Let our team of payroll professionals manage the details for you. We guide and support the demands of accruals with a wealth of knowledge and experience to put your mind at ease.

Garnishment Service
Garnishments are a fact of payroll, and they must be duly processed according to law. Each case has a specific way that the garnishment must be administered.

Our dedicated payroll professionals have been trained to manage the details of garnishments with speed and accuracy. Let us ensure that your payroll garnishments are handled properly.

Detailed Payroll Reports

For every payroll, we can provide you with custom payroll reports that meet your needs and expectations. We are always ready and willing to discuss your company’s payroll, and what you need from us. Just give us a call.

W-2 and 1099 Annual Production
Are annual tax filings stressing you out? Let us handle your W-2 and 1099 forms. We can ensure that your tax filings are processed on time, while keeping you in compliance with the tax laws. It’s one less thing to worry about at the beginning of a new year.

Payroll Tax Processing
Accurate and timely payroll tax filing is crucial to maintaining a penalty-free status with state and federal governments.

Our payroll tax department has the experience and knowledge to process your filings in accordance with the myriad requirements from the various authorities. We eliminate any penalty you could face by accurately filing your company’s payroll tax.

Time and Attendance

In order to properly pay your hourly employees, you have to be able to track their time. At Southwestern Payroll, we have a full-service offering that can help your company manage time and attendance through the web.

This specialized time clock system allows you to monitor your employees’ time punches, pay groups, time policies, and more. In addition, this system can integrate into your payroll, eliminating the chance for human error in your payroll processing.

Interested in making payroll a smoother ride? Give us a call today, or click here to contact us.

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