Setting Up Your TFA (Two-Factor Authentification) for Payentry

Maximizing the security of Payentry and all your payroll processes is crucial. In order to keep up with the latest security, our software developer has provided an additional layer of security to our system.

Due the addition of this layer, known as Two-Factor Authentication or TFA, Payentry now requires a Verification Code for authorization in addition to your Username and Password.

Watch this simple tutorial!

You can choose to have the Verification Code come to you through your choice of a Free App, a Text, or a Phone Call.

For ease of use, you may select to enter the Verification Code once in the morning and have it remain active for up to twelve hours.

We have included instructions for how to configure your preferences for this new security to assist with the transition, as well as documentation on the details of TFA.

To access these documents please click on the links below:

For a detailed explanation and instructions in setting up your TFA:

Two Factor Authentication Instruction

For a quick reference guide to setup and use TFA:

Two Factor Quick Reference Sheet

Questions? Call our support line at 918-388-3320 or contact us here, and we will be happy to assist you.