Steve Goes to Washington

Regional OneVoice Coalition in DC

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Steve Hobbs, is in Washington, DC this week in his role as Chairman of the Board for the Bixby Chamber of Commerce. Steve is there along with Krystal Crocket, President of the Bixby Chamber, in conjunction with the Tulsa Regional Chamber legislative advocacy effort OneVoice.

The Regional OneVoice Coalition was designed to identify and prioritize important issues in our community as well as state and federal issues that impact business and communities within our region. Steve works closely with the Bixby Chamber of Commerce to ensure local business has the best environment in which to thrive. We believe thriving local business leads to healthy communities.

At Southwestern Payroll, we are always striving toward excellence, and our team’s endeavors are part of that work. We owe the participants of OneVoice a debt of gratitude for the service they offer our businesses and communities in being a loud enough voice to make needed change.

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