Thanksgiving Closings 2020


Once again, the holiday season is upon us. We at Southwestern Payroll Service would like to take a moment to remind our clients of the Thanksgiving holiday banking and payroll schedule.

Due to the dates of the holiday this year, we have made a change to our usual practice of closing on the day after Thanksgiving. Since the 30th is on Monday, depending on the pay period end date, some clients will need to submit payroll on Friday. We will process all payrolls received by noon on Friday the 27th.

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 26th

  • UPS, FedEx, and LSO are closed
  • Banks are closed
  • There will be no banking activity
  • Southwestern Payroll is closed

*ACH, Wire Services, Direct Deposits, Deliveries, Check Dates, and Processes may need to be changed.*


Day after Thanksgiving: Friday, November 29th

  • UPS has normal service
  • FedEx and LSO have limited service
  • Banks are open
  • Southwestern Payroll is closing at Noon
  • Some staff will be available for emergencies – call 918-587-3321
  • There will be no Courier deliveries on this day but payrolls can be picked up until 12:00 pm

*ACH, Wire Services, Direct Deposits, Deliveries, Check Dates, and Processes may need to be changed.*

If your check date falls on Thursday, November 26th, or Friday, November 27th, you may need to contact us in order to coordinate your payroll processing for timely direct deposits. In addition, please make arrangements to pick up any payrolls before the 26th or by noon on the 27th.

No automatic adjustments of check dates will be made; clients who wish to pay on Wednesday, November 25th MUST contact us in advance.

In general, all ACH, Wire, and Direct Deposit requests must have at least 2 business days to be processed by Southwestern and your banking institution. Days on which banks are closed are NOT considered business days. Making adjustments now will ensure smoother processing during this busy time of year. Please contact your payroll specialist or our Support Department with any necessary changes as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, we ask that you do not reply to this email, but rather contact our Support Team to ensure your requests are addressed as soon as possible.