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Holiday Party & Schedule 2019

Southwestern Payroll Service Holiday Party – December 20

With the holiday season in full swing, we’re holding our holiday party on Friday, December 20th. We will be closing at noon to enjoy food, games and good company!

All payrolls will process normally that morning, and we will be available that afternoon to pick up payrolls. If you would normally have your payroll couriered that day, please contact us to ensure it is couriered before noon, as there will be no afternoon courier deliveries.

Please contact your payroll specialist or our Support Department with any necessary changes as soon as possible.

Observance of Christmas – December 25, 2019

Banks are closed – Southwestern Payroll is closed

Observance of New Year’s Day – January 1, 2019

Banks are closed – Southwestern Payroll is closed

ACH, Wire Services, Direct Deposits, Deliveries, Check Dates and Processes may need to be changed. Making adjustments early will ensure a smoother processing during this busy time of year. No electronic banking (ACH, Direct Deposits, Wire Transfers etc.) can be initiated or settled on a banking holiday.

In general, all ACH, Wire, and Direct Deposit requests must have at least 2 business days to be processed by Southwestern and your banking institution. Days on which banks are closed are NOT considered business days.

Please contact us with any necessary changes as soon as possible.

Questions? Contact Support at 918-388-3320.

Winter Blood Drive 2019

Winter Blood Drive Next Week

We have a sign‐up sheet available here, so you can donate at a convenient time. The ladies from the American Red Cross are a pleasure to work with and make the process quick and simple.

Get Information

Please take a moment to find out how to prepare to donate blood, any questions you have about donating, how the process works, and if you’re eligible to donate blood.

Download the App

Feel free to download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App and fill out the form on the day of the Drive. This Rapid Pass will help make your appointment go as smoothly as possible.

Share the Love

Please share our blood drive information with any of your clients, friends, and family! We welcome anyone who wants to donate blood for the American Red Cross in order to help those depending on transfusions at hospitals and local transfusion centers across the country.

Help us spread the word and make a difference!

Happy Halloween & Chili Cook-Off!

Payroll Pirates Take to the High Seas!

What could be more fun than dressing up in dashing, crazy, inspired, or horrifying costumes? Well, celebrating with a Chili Cook-Off, of course! We thought you might appreciate a look at how exciting this place actually gets this time of year.

BTW: As payroll specialists, we’re here to keep your payroll on time and compliant. Call us at (918) 587-3321 to ease your payroll nightmares. And, hey! Doesn’t Nicola look spectacular as a pirate?

Spring Forward 2019

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am this Saturday, so set your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed! It’s vital everyone stay on the same time.

daylight savings time 2018

Why This Is Important for Your Business

It’s vital everyone is on the same time. Continue reading Spring Forward 2019