Winter Blood Drive 2019

Winter Blood Drive Next Week

We have a sign‐up sheet available here, so you can donate at a convenient time. The ladies from the American Red Cross are a pleasure to work with and make the process quick and simple.

Get Information

Please take a moment to find out how to prepare to donate blood, any questions you have about donating, how the process works, and if you’re eligible to donate blood.

Download the App

Feel free to download the American Red Cross Blood Donor App and fill out the form on the day of the Drive. This Rapid Pass will help make your appointment go as smoothly as possible.

Share the Love

Please share our blood drive information with any of your clients, friends, and family! We welcome anyone who wants to donate blood for the American Red Cross in order to help those depending on transfusions at hospitals and local transfusion centers across the country.

Help us spread the word and make a difference!